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Types of Headstones

There are several different types of headstones available. Some are upright, while others are slanted. In this article, we will discuss both types of headstones and give examples of the differences between them. If you want to buy a headstone online, however, you should make sure to read a few reviews before making a final decision.

Slant headstone

A slant headstone is a modern, sleek, and attractive way to mark a loved one’s grave. They can be personalized with etching or engraving on the front face and are ideal for placing a porcelain or bronze picture. The back can also be decorated with etching or engraving. Slant headstones are also less expensive than upright grave markers.

Upright headstone

The upright headstone is a popular type HEADSTONES FOR SALE of memorial for prominent people. They feature an upright shape and a polished face. Unlike other types of memorials, uprights have more surface area and can accommodate multiple pieces of information. In addition, these types of memorials are typically less expensive than custom-made monuments.

Slant monument

When you’re choosing the right headstone for a memorial, you’ll have many choices. One of the most common materials for memorials is granite. This natural stone is mined from select regions of the world and is extremely durable. In fact, it can last for seven generations or more, making it a wise choice for a memorial. However, there are other, less common materials that are also appropriate for this type of monument.

Wing monument

A Wing Monument is a type of headstone that consists of two “wings” separated by a vase on a pedestal. The two “wings” are typically polished on the front/back, while the base and sides are usually sawn. The wing’s base is typically engraved with the family name, and the wing itself is either one or two pieces. The wing can be shaped to appear as a triangle, square, or apex.

Sephardic Jewish headstone

Sephardic Jewish headstones have distinct features. In contrast to other Jewish headstones, which are often circular, Sephardic Jewish gravestones have more upright shapes. These tombstones are a sign of a person’s age and religious affiliation.

Children’s headstone

Children’s headstones are often designed with religious imagery. For example, a child’s headstone can include a picture of a baby lamb or the shepherd’s hook. These images are often associated with Christianity, but they can also represent other religions.

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