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Ceiling-Removal Costs – How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Popcorn Ceiling?

Before you get started, it’s important to prep your ceiling properly. Use fine-grit sandpaper to remove rough spots, and be sure to wear a dust mask and goggles to avoid breathing dust. Using a sander that is too coarse could scratch the ceiling and cause it to become discolored.

Cost of removing a popcorn ceiling

Whether you are considering replacing your popcorn ceiling with a new one or removing it yourself, you need to know how much the process will cost. Depending on the extent of the damage and the amount of work involved, removing a popcorn ceiling can run anywhere from $100 to $350. The cost of removing a popcorn ceiling can also affect the overall cost of the project.

Removing a popcorn ceiling is a messy, labor-intensive job. It is advisable to hire a professional, especially if the ceiling has asbestos. This material is hazardous and must be removed with proper abatement procedures. The removal process can take several days, which is why you should plan for a day or two to complete the project.

The cost of removing a popcorn ceiling varies, and obtaining a free estimate will help you plan a realistic budget and choose the right materials. You should be able to get a ballpark figure from at least three remodeling companies before starting the work. The cost of removing a popcorn ceiling will also depend on the size of the room. A larger space will cost more than a smaller one. Similarly, rooms with unique shapes will cost more because workers will need to continually set up their equipment to reach different segments.

Depending on the area you live in, you can expect to pay between $1 and $2 per square foot for the work. You may also want to factor in additional fees for debris removal and finishing the ceiling with a fresh coat of paint. While removing a popcorn ceiling can be expensive, it’s not difficult. You may be able to complete the project on your own for around $2,000 – and you can save thousands by doing the work yourself.

Cost of removing a textured ceiling

If you want to paint over a textured ceiling, you will need to remove the texture. However, you can do the prep work yourself, saving on the cost of hiring professionals. Whether you decide to remove the texture yourself or hire a company to do it for you, make sure to ask about the cost. The cost of removing a textured ceiling will vary depending on the complexity of the job.

Fortunately, removing a textured ceiling is a fairly easy DIY project. The process involves protecting floors and furniture while you remove the existing texture. Once you’re done, you can paint or resurface your ceiling with a finer texture. Depending on the texture, you should allow a couple of days for the entire job.

The cost to remove textured ceiling depends on several factors, including the size of the project, the height of the ceiling, and the thickness of the finish. The thicker the texture is, the more labor it takes to remove it. Additionally, some areas contain asbestos that needs to be removed before the process can continue.

In addition to the labor, related materials will need to be removed. These materials include the old ceiling material, fasteners, and outside corner beads. Additionally, the debris from the removal process will be cleaned up.