Cornerstone Gospel Quartet

Praising God In Song

Cornerstone Gospel Qt

P.O. Box 91

Lithopolis, Oh 43136

Cornerstone Gospel Qt

Phone: 614-837-8698

Cell: 614-371-1870


Our purpose is to worship God in proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people, through a ministry of music and through lives of prayer, praise, thanksgiving, witness and service.

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Upcoming Sings

Jul 7† Faith Lutheran Church† Mt Vernon, Oh† 7:00 PM

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Melís Quote

†I remember the old saying, ďunless you have walked in my shoes, donít judge.Ē How true that is. Unless we have walked in other peoples shoes and know what is on the inside, we need to remember that there is only 1 Judge, and He sits on the High Throne in Heaven. PRAISE HIS NAME ! ! !

Lancaster Bandstand Sings

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