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Obtaining a Commercial and Professional Driver’s License in Calgary

Whether you work as a trucker, drive a taxi or earn some extra cash driving for Uber, you need a commercial driver’s licence to do your job. If you are looking to become a professional driver, this article will outline the process of obtaining your licence in Calgary.

Getting Started on Your Licence

The first step to obtaining a commercial driver’s license is to pass the knowledge test. This can be done at any registry agent office and is computer-based. It consists of 30 questions and you must answer 25 of them correctly to pass. If you have a disability and are concerned that it might affect your ability to take the knowledge test, you can request audio assistance at the registry office and the question will be read aloud.

Once you pass the knowledge test, you must complete a medical exam. The doctor must complete a special form to determine if you can operate a commercial vehicle. This is not a standard health certificate and may include additional information not found on the regular health examinations, such as blood pressure or diabetes. If you have a physical disability, the physician must also provide a description of your condition and how it impacts your ability to drive. Depending on the nature of your disability, it might be possible to accommodate your driving limitations with specific equipment or to have your vehicle modified.

The next step is to take the skills backing and road tests for your specific endorsement and class of licence. These tests are a more detailed inspection of your vehicle, and will require you to demonstrate how to maneuver and back up the vehicle. This is the hardest part of gaining a commercial driver’s licence and you should be very well prepared before taking these tests.

A class 4 licence allows you to operate a variety of commercial vehicles, including taxis, ambulances, service vehicles and buses that seat less than 25 people, as well as school and kindergarten buses. This licence also allows you to operate vehicles that are placarded for hazardous materials or any vehicle that is under 26,001 GVWR. You must be at least 18 to obtain a class 4 licence.

If you have a valid full licence from a country that has a reciprocal agreement with Alberta, you may be eligible to exchange it for an Alberta licence without passing any tests or having a learner permit. You must provide proof of your legal entitlement, such as a valid passport or Canadian birth certificate, or a Permanent Resident Card, Canada Work Permit or Indian Status Document/Card. You must also have completed two full years of driving experience to qualify for this program.

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