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How to Properly Maintain a Sand Astro Turf Pitch

Astro turf pitches are used throughout the UK for a variety of different sports and in some cases they’re even part of schools, gardens or leisure facilities. A lot of these surfaces are sand based artificial grass or more specifically 2G synthetic surfaced pitches. These are often referred to as sand filled or sand dressed and both have a layer of fine sterilised silica sand mixed with the carpet pile before being used. The sand on top of the turf helps to keep the grass cooler in hot weather, as it absorbs and retains water so can reduce the overall surface temperature.

The sand also prevents the growth of weeds, algae and moss. This makes the sand infill essential for the long term performance and durability of a sports surface or garden turf. However, just like anything with a regular maintenance plan is essential to prolong the life of your sand astroturf surface or sand based lawn.

Sand Astro Revealed
Sand Astro Characterized: Understanding the pith of sand astro resembles unraveling vast hieroglyphics written in grains of sand. Dig into the profundities of this fascinating peculiarity, where heavenly examples reflect earthbound scenes.

The Dance of the Sands
Heavenly Movement: Witness the divine expressive dance as sand astro uncovers its cadenced dance. Investigate the equals between inestimable developments and the moving sands underneath our feet, making a hypnotizing scene that rises above the limits of existence.

Exploring the Ways of the world
Authentic Importance: Excursion through history as we reveal the job of sand astro in old societies. From divination to schedule frameworks, find how human advancements adored the grandiose direction implanted in the grains of sand.

Sand Astro in Current Science
Logical Bits of knowledge: Progressing from old mystery to present day science, sand astro tracks down its place in contemporary examination. Unwind the logical hypotheses and studies that demystify the astronomical association implanted in the unpredictable examples of sand.

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