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How Fleet Services Can Help Your Business

Many businesses in Calgary, Alberta need fleet services for their fleet vehicles. Fleet services are important to help companies run their businesses, and are essential for any type of business, especially those with large numbers of vehicles. They can help you with liability and cost issues, as well as manage your vehicles’ telematics. Using these services will also increase the efficiency of your business, so you can concentrate on other priorities.

Moovit app

Moovit is a transportation app that makes it easy to find and use taxis, buses, and trains. It works in hundreds of cities around the world and is available in several languages. The app can be used in the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, Brazil, Colombia, and many other countries.


Telematics have become a key element of fleet management, as this technology can help businesses improve efficiency, safety, and productivity. With the growing popularity of mobile devices and the emergence of IoT, telematics are set to become even more prominent in the coming years. This technology allows businesses to track the locations of their vehicles in real time, and it can help them improve customer satisfaction.

Fleet managers can also use telematics to help drivers improve their driving habits and road safety. By viewing the video footage from dashcams and monitoring driver behavior, fleet managers can coach drivers to improve their driving habits and reduce the risk of accidents. In addition, telematics data can be used to improve fuel economy, a key element for cost-conscious businesses.


A Calgary fleet services department could be held criminally liable for fleet services Calgary the negligence of its employees. If a driver of one of its vehicles causes an accident and causes damage to another person, the company could be held liable for the damages. Its employees could lose their jobs and homes if they fail to keep accurate records.

Keeping a comprehensive commercial auto insurance policy is essential for minimizing liability exposure. Fleet vehicles must meet safety standards set by the Motor Vehicle Safety Act and be inspected according to the National Safety Code and Transport Canada.


There is a wide range of cost and service options for fleet management in Calgary. Some companies specialize in providing full-lifecycle fleet management, including fleet policy, personnel, asset management, and operating costs management. Outsourcing your fleet management can eliminate the need for an in-house fleet manager and help you maximize fleet savings.

Fleet management is complex, so comparing options and comparing costs is key. GPS technology, for example, has a cost, but its benefits are clear.