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Cladding Coating Contractors

Cladding is a feature of many commercial buildings, adding appeal and changing the structure from a bland block of flats or office building to something that has style and design features. Over time, however, the weather and sunlight can cause the cladding to become stained and faded which is not only unsightly but it can also impact on the performance of the building.

This is why it is essential to use a reputable cladding coating contractors to carry out any spray painting on site works to make sure that the job is completed properly. Finding a contractor who can be trusted and will provide a high quality finish is a must and if you are unsure where to start it may help to get recommendations from friends or family or other business owners who have used a particular contractor in the past.

When cladding starts to fail, chalking and flaking paint can be one of the first signs and this often prompts building owners to take action. This is because a failed roof or wall coating will expose the steel and corrode it which can be very expensive to repair. A bad coating will also result in water intrusion into the building which can lead to rotting and mold which can cause significant damage.

The reason cladding fails and fades is because it is exposed to the sun, rain and humidity constantly which can be extremely damaging especially on south or south westerly facing buildings which are the worst affected. Over time UV radiation breaks down the surface and the protective paint, which then allows rust to penetrate the steel. This is why it is so important to have a good quality protective coating on your industrial or commercial cladding as this will protect it from the elements and prevent corrosion.

Regular re-painting can extend the lifespan of your building and protect it from further damage. Our experienced and professional contractors will survey your building to identify the correct solution to restore your cladding back to its original appearance. This is usually achieved through a high pressure wash followed by spot treatment and removal of any loose or flaking paint and a clean down to remove any contaminates. Once this has been carried out a suitable cladding or industrial metal paint spray can be applied in one or two coats to the manufacturers recommended specification.

Using an experienced and reputable industrial metal coating contractor such as Cladspray Solutions to complete your spray painting work on your cladding, roof or facades will ensure that the job is done correctly, on time and within budget. We can offer a full manufacturer’s warranty on all jobs and can offer a range of coatings from Rustoleum, Giromax, AkzoNobel and Tor Coatings. All our projects are undertaken with Health and Safety at the forefront of our minds. Our clients are always our priority and we aim to deliver a high standard of service from initial consultation through to completion of the project and aftercare.

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