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Who Is Vertz Marketing?

Who is Vertz Marketing

Vertz Marketing provides a range of digital marketing services including advertising, public relations, social media and brand development. They use a technology market intelligence platform that analyses millions of data points including patents and news mentions. Their digital marketing expertise is further complemented by the use of Craigslist’s local classifieds in over 550 cities across 50 countries.

Vertz Marketing

Vertz Marketing is a Wisconsin-based marketing agency that specializes in small and midsize companies. With 15 marketing professionals on staff, they focus on brand development and social media management. Their goal is to help their clients reach their full potential. Their services include social media management, advertising, public relations, brand development, and web design.

Vertz Marketing’s official website can be found here. They have a number of employees working there, with the majority of them located in the Milwaukee area. They have revenue of around $4 million a year. The company also offers a number of business development and marketing programs for businesses in the area.


If you’re an avid music listener, you’ve likely noticed the Spotify logo in various places. The company has taken advantage of this to create a unique marketing campaign. They have used data and algorithms to develop a campaign that leverages user behavior and interests to create a truly personalized experience. The company has even worked with artists to create exclusive content. Ultimately, this helps the company gain a larger following and connect with more users.

When pitching to a Spotify curator, it’s important to remember to give them a week’s lead time. In general, Spotify curators update their playlists on Fridays, so you’ll want to be sure to pitch your tracks at least a week in advance. The pitching process is easy, and you’ll need to submit a private listening link to the curator’s page. The easiest way to provide this is through SoundCloud.

Spotify launched its first campaign in 2013, but faced fierce competition from other major companies, including Amazon, Apple, and Google, who were all rumored to be launching their own music streaming services. Spotify’s campaign was designed to highlight the emotional value of music and the impact it has on human life. The emotional voice of the campaign’s copy calls out that music is worth fighting for.

Concordia University

The Rotary Small Business Innovation Center at Concordia University is offering free marketing services to area businesses. The Vertz Marketing team has teamed up with the Batterman School of Business to offer free digital marketing services and business development planning to qualifying businesses in the area. The program will start in September and last for four months. In return, businesses will receive 100 hours of marketing assistance.

Students will have the opportunity to work with local businesses to create innovative marketing strategies. Vertz Marketing is continuing its partnership with Concordia University, Wisconsin, by establishing a small business innovation center there. The center will offer marketing and business development services to 10 local businesses beginning in the fall semester.

The program is designed to help local small and medium-sized businesses grow. The program is free, and businesses are encouraged to apply. The winners will be recognized at a breakfast on September 29.

Service provided

Vertz Marketing offers services in the areas of social media management, web design, advertising, public relations, and brand development. Their company profile provides a clear description of their services and a portfolio that encourages clients to get in touch with them. They have received high rankings on Google and are among the top 28% of companies in their industry.