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What You Should Know About Movers

A mover is the person or company that packs up your belongings and transports them to your new home. Moving is a huge undertaking that requires time, energy and physical labor. If you’re not up to the challenge, you can hire a team of professionals who will take care of everything for you. A mover can also provide storage services if you need them. They’ll even assemble and disassemble furniture and dispose of any junk you don’t want to bring into your new place.

You can choose to have full-service movers Gig Harbor Junk Removal pack your entire house or just select rooms. The company will supply the boxes, packing tape, paper and bubble wrap you need. It’ll also supply the moving truck and any other equipment required for your specific move. They’ll load your belongings into the truck, transport them to your new place and unload them for you. They can even reassemble furniture and set up appliances.

For a local or long-distance move, the company will charge an hourly rate for each of the movers working on your job. The cost of the job will also depend on the number of movers and trucks needed for the job. Some movers will offer discounted rates for multiple rooms or large homes.

If something gets lost or broken during your move, it’s important to notify the company right away. You should make a written claim as soon as possible and ask your mover to respond in writing within 30 days. If they can’t resolve the issue to your satisfaction, you can take them to Small Claims Court.

You may also be able to buy insurance to cover the cost of your items in case they are lost or damaged. Be sure to read the fine print carefully before you purchase the policy.

Some movers have specialized services for valuable or delicate items. For example, if you’re moving an expensive piece of art or a grand piano, it’s best to use a company that has extensive experience in moving such items. You can find information about a mover’s specialties on their website.

A reputable mover will have a clean reputation and be licensed, insured and bonded. In addition, they should be willing to provide references from previous clients. They should be able to explain the terms of their liability insurance policy and answer any questions you have.

In addition to liability insurance, a good moving company will have a customer service hotline and a claims department that handles any problems that arise during your move. They’ll also be able to provide you with a list of local moving companies that can assist you.

It’s also important to consider tipping your movers. Just like with other service businesses, it’s customary to tip a mover when they do a good job. You can check out this tipping guide to learn more.