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Police Misconduct Lawyer for Victims of Abuse


Police officers are sworn to uphold and protect our Constitutional rights, but they must be held accountable when they commit abuse. If you or someone you love has been the victim of excessive force, false arrest, or other police misconduct, it’s essential that you contact a police misconduct lawyer immediately. With Pagan Law Firm and a top-ranked attorney on your side, you can fight to get the compensation you deserve.

Police misconduct refers to any inappropriate, illegal, unethical, or unlawful actions by law enforcement officers towards individuals that violate their statutory and constitutional rights. Depending on the type of misconduct, it may result in serious bodily injury or death, false arrests, property damage, and other violations. Among the most common types of police misconduct are racial profiling, wrongful shootings, excessive force, and failure to intervene when an officer is engaging in abuse.

Victims of police misconduct often have to face a long legal battle against the police department, city government, and other public entities that employ the officer in question. Our law firm works tirelessly on behalf of victims to hold police accountable and bring justice to their loved ones. Our firm also believes that by holding the police accountable for their actions, we can help to change the culture of law enforcement across New York City and beyond.

In most cases involving police misconduct, the officer will attempt to shield themselves using a doctrine known as qualified immunity. To overcome this, a Police misconduct lawyer for victims of abuse must be able to prove that the officer’s actions were clearly unreasonable and unnecessarily violent or excessive, and that they were specifically intended to violate the individual’s rights.

Civil lawsuits involving police misconduct can be filed against the officer responsible for an incident, the city or municipality that employs them, and in some cases the state government. Our team can guide you through these complex procedures, ensuring all forms are filed accurately and within the required deadlines.

Getting the compensation you deserve may help you cover medical expenses, property damage, out-of-pocket costs, and loss of wages. In addition, your attorney will fight to recover punitive damages in order to punish the guilty party and deter future misconduct.

In the aftermath of an incident involving police misconduct, it’s crucial to seek immediate medical attention to ensure any injuries are treated and documented. You should then keep all medical records, pictures of the damage, and other evidence related to the incident. The sooner you contact a police misconduct lawyer, the better your chances of recovering the full amount of compensation you’re entitled to. Moreover, your lawyer can work to have criminal charges dropped or evidence that was collected unlawfully withheld, which can greatly improve your chances of winning your case. Get in touch with a police misconduct lawyer from our firm to begin your civil claim today. You can also fill out a free consultation form to request a case evaluation. We look forward to hearing from you.