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How Does Epoxy Resin Flooring Cost?

Many homeowners think that epoxy flooring is too expensive, but it can add incredible value to a home, especially for spaces such as a garage where the floor needs to be durable enough to support heavy machinery and vehicles. An epoxy floor is also long-lasting, with a lifespan of 10 years or more if properly maintained.1

There are several factors that determine the price of an epoxy resin flooring cost. One of the most important is the size of the space, with larger areas costing more than smaller ones. Another factor is the type of epoxy used. Different types have varying properties, and some are better for certain applications than others. For example, self-leveling epoxy flooring is ideal for smoothening old and damaged concrete surfaces, while methyl methacrylate (MMA) resins offer excellent chemical resistance.

Other determining factors include the application method and the level of customization required. For instance, some epoxy coatings require a power washer, caustic chemicals, and sandblasting to prepare the surface, while others can be applied directly to an existing concrete surface. Additionally, some coatings give off volatile organic compounds during application that may be harmful to people and equipment.

The price of an epoxy flooring can be reduced by taking steps to limit the amount of labor required. For instance, if the floor is being installed in a garage, homeowners can move their cars to a neighbor’s house or a storage space to save on moving costs. They can also hire contractors during the off-season to minimize time lost due to weather and other conditions that could delay the project.

Moreover, it is possible to get the best value for your money by bundling the installation of a new floor with other projects like painting or remodeling a garage. This can allow homeowners to leverage discounts that can reduce the overall cost of their project significantly.

When it comes to the price of epoxy floors, a homeowner should consider all of the options available for their specific application. This includes the material, the application method, the finish, and any add-ons such as slip-resistant aggregate. In addition, a homeowner should always talk to the concrete professionals that they are considering hiring to ensure that they understand what their expectations are and what the most cost-effective solution is.

In addition to the factors discussed above, a homeowner should be aware that some floors will need to be resurfaced before installing an epoxy coating. This can cost between $3 and $25 per square foot, depending on the condition of the existing concrete and whether or not it is in need of repair or resurfacing. In most cases, resurfacing is more cost-effective than tearing out the existing concrete and starting from scratch. It is also less costly than a total replacement of the floor. For this reason, a professional should always check the state of a floor before giving an estimate. This will help to avoid surprises and ensure the job is done correctly.